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Costa Rican dreamline

1 August 2007 188 views 2 Comments

Thanks to a cool countdown widget for WordPress (KB Countdown), I just made our Costa Rican Dreamline to the right. I’ve had the date of September 1, 2008 floating in my head for awhile. It’s not oriented towards the academic calendar as a new beginning but towards the end of summer and wanting Winter 2007-2008 to be the last one we spend in cold. Of course, our house isn’t anywhere near on the market or ready for it, but we could keep putting stuff off forever until Things Are Just Right. Funk dat. When the dream is so real that it leaves the back of your mind and becomes an insistent, daily presence it’s time to listen. On September 1, 2008 we will, by hook or by crook, be living in Costa Rica. Earlier than that would be even better. Due to finances we’ve celebrated but one of our seven anniversaries. It would be great to celebrate #8 on a beach in Costa Rica.


  • Summer said:

    Linkshare is awesome. I’ve been moving towards linkshare hoping it will do better than google. The only difference is google you can be paid per click while linkshare people actually have to buy something.

  • Arp said:

    I don’t see how Google can really help a blog like ours. I can see it being useful for a single-topic blog, but we write about so many things that the ads are sometimes just plain weird. We made more than usual (aka more than nothing) with a burst of traffic the other day for the anti-organized sports entry, but I don’t see that kind of traffic coming in on a regular basis.