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Habits – even in Spanish – are hard to break…

24 November 2007 185 views 3 Comments

Today’s my first day back at work and I hit a deli for some breakfast. All the deli guys are Latino and I’ve never spoken a word of Spanish to them before, and had no intention of doing so this time either. Apparently, my habit of ordering food with limited Spanish is hard to break – I got 6 words in English in before Spanish took over:

Me: I’d like an omelette with bacon y tomates.
Deli guy: Home fries?
Me: Si, todos.
Deli guy: Solo bacon y tomates?
Me: Si… Perdon – cebolla tambien.
Deli guy: Cebolla? OK.
Me: Gracias.

I didn’t realize what happened until the guy asked me the question in Spanish. I’m pleasantly surprised and kinda proud. Now I think I’ll look for other places I can practice my Spanish too.


  • Trish said:

    Your easy success with Spanish makes my pitiful stumblings seem depressing. I’ve really got to work a bit harder.

  • Arp said:

    My Spanish is not that much better than yours – you did fine when you spoke. I didn’t mention all the times I said something wrong or used French and people still managed to understand me.

  • WildKid said:

    Really good and really interesting post. I expect (and other readers maybe :)) new useful posts from you!
    Good luck and successes in blogging!