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the first realtor interview

10 January 2008 241 views 2 Comments

I’m interviewing our first realtor today. Frankly, the whole idea of selling the house is the hardest part about moving. I kinda wish we were renting and we could just pick up and leave whenever. The thought of the cosmetic stuff we have to do to sell – painting, etc. – is daunting.  We thought about interviewing them after the house was ready to sell but I think that 1) I’d like to focus on what’s really necessary to sell and 2) the housing market is freaky.  I think the longer we wait, the lower the selling price will be.


  • JenC said:

    Ughhh…it is a miserable process and the market does suck around here. From a realtor relative in CT where the market is nearly as soft, the trick is to put a realistic price on your house from the get-go (i.e., not last year’s price), rather than pricing it high, having it sit and then having the listing go stale. I’m wishing you lots of good selling vibes! Oh, and I have a painter referral if you are interested…he painted for a friend and was really reasonable. I liked him a lot when he came to look at our house but his price was high compared to the other bid…but the outside of our house is quite a mess. Anyway, probably worth a try if you don’t already have someone you like, or if you aren’t doing it all yourselves.

  • Arp (author) said:

    I definitely think a realistic selling price is the way to go. The sooner the better – I saw this earlier today and I think the sooner the better.