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Chicken eggs are wussy

6 January 2009 215 views 2 Comments

I miss our duckies – just before Christmas they went to their new home.  They got lucky – their new family sings to them and they have 6 acres of land to frolic in.  Their new family are starting an organic farm, and Moonbeam & Mulva are their first livestock.

Yes – I only named 2 ducks.  Mr. Keating died sometime in October, and our darling Macaroni was killed by a raccoon in November.  We were crushed.  Owning livestock is a learning experience, and we still feel the ghosts of our daily rhythms.  Sometimes in the morning I think Oh crap we forgot to let the ducks out, or at night I realize with a start that they need to be put away. Or when I open the front door it feels strange not to hear raucous quacking.  It’s nice not having the responsibility, but I really look forward to having ducks again.

And now we’re back to chicken eggs.  Chicken eggs are wussy.  They’re small (even the jumbo ones).  The shells seem unduly thin and the yolk is watery & flimsy.  It’s the difference between Schwarzenegger and the proverbial 98 pound weekling.  We gave one of our neighbors some eggs in summer as thanks for helping us out and a few days later the best he could say was I can stomach ‘em with measurable distaste.  It took some self-control not to tell him what a wuss he was.  Every time he rides by on his Harley I always think that he’s not as bad-ass as he looks :-P


  • Susan said:

    You’ll get to re-duck up, which is fun, I think?! Last duck I held pooped on me. Why always with the poop?

  • Arp (author) said:

    Our ducks were good about not pooping on us. I’m curious to see what the quackers do when we visit them. They would ALWAYS run over to Trish when she came out.

    We will reduckify at some point – the homeowner we’re renting from is not averse to it. But I think we’ll have our hands full for much of this year ;-)