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Things I look forward to in the US

16 December 2009 199 views 3 Comments

In no particular order – I worked on this list over a few days…

Even this canned syrup would be better than corn syrup-laden crap

Even this canned syrup would be better than corn syrup-laden crap

  • Maple syrup.  Real, from a tree maple syrup.
  • Garage sales.  Finding used furniture, appliances, etc is a pain here.  Anytime someone has a moving sale, expats descend upon it like vultures.  You gotta be quick or the pickings are slim.
  • Dishwashers.  I would rather waste time scratching bug bites than spending 1 hour a day washing dishes.
  • Cheap cars.  A $500 car in the US costs $3000 in Costa Rica.
  • Museums.  I’m *really* looking forward to a trip to the Georgia Aquarium.  And a trip back to NYC for the American Museum of Natural History.  And a trip to DC/Chicago/Monterrey – this list is a long one!
  • Cheaper & readily available electronic goods.  A fridge that costs $300-350 in the US costs $700-800 here.  And if I need a new hard drive – well, there aren’t many to be found and they all cost and arm and a leg.  I’m not even bothering looking for a USB mic (for my venture into voiceovers ;-))
  • Still wearing flip-flops all the time.  More, maybe – I don’t think I’ll need Keens for pavement.
  • Spending time with family again.
  • Libraries.  I can’t believe that came to mind so late.  We. miss. libraries.  (otoh, maple syrup has been the first thing on my mind ever since we came here)
  • Blueberries.  J can eat a pint at a time, I miss them in pancakes.  Or muffins.
  • Cheese – as in a variety.  Here we get a decent cheddar, a so-so mozzarella, a made-in-Costa-Rica gouda that can’t be worth $10 and Manchego goat cheese.  I do like regular farmer cheese quite a bit, but having a selection of feta, various cheddars, brie, etc will be most welcome.
  • Being able to run more than 1-2 errands a day.
Even with the cat, this would save us an hour a day

Even with the cat, this would save us an hour a day

Pics by jakescreations & Dan4th.


  • Jdub said:

    I hear you on the blueberry pancakes, there my favorite.
    .-= Jdub´s last blog ..Chocolate cherry stout =-.

  • Sue Stuever Battel said:

    I’m so glad to see maple syrup as something you miss! You posted your blog today on a list for the group for which we are both volunteers (I don’t want to give out your private details so I’m being vague). I also homeschool and figured that made a couple things we have in common. I wanted to tell you that aside from the mission of our organization, one of my other passions is maple syrup! I married into a family that has been making maple syrup from real trees since 1882, and we live right at the edge of the woods where we do so. When you’re back in the States let me know and I’ll be sure to get you some. It’s funny, because just this week a teenager in our community came by to purchase some syrup to take to the host family he’s going to see very soon … in Costa Rica! I have no idea exactly where he’s going, but I wish I had read this a couple days ago so I could have tried hard to get some to you through him.

  • Steph said:

    Are you guys still leaving Costa Rica? My family is considering the move there and would love to hear more about your experiences, have you been to Montezuma?