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A Window on Her World

3 April 2011 2,288 views One Comment

I’m pregnant, in case you missed it. Yes, #4 is on the way.

So the other night I was sitting around with DDalmost-6 and we were talking about what we might name the baby. DD started suggesting the most wonderful, magical, and sometimes hilarious names. I started writing them all down. For DD, this was about figuring about the best names for the baby. For me, it was about reveling in her mind and her world. Reading over the names again, it brings a smile to my face to imagine how her imagination works. It makes me happy to see that her world is so filled with joy.

Here’s what we came up with: Fairy Princess, Purple Petunia, Tinkerbelle, Videa, Fishy, Magic Wand, Diamond Star, Star, Pumpkin, Mulan, Rainbow, Ornament, Christmas Tree, Tulip, Tree, Pink Tulip, Glitter, Rainbow Sparkles, Moon, Waves, Sparkle Princess, Vine, Plant, Rain, Rain Cloud, Rain Rain Go Away, Rabbit, Ocean Leaf, Booger, Ocean, Dark Star, Ocean Boat, Pretty Clover, Rainbow Star, Rainbow Heart, Starlight Starbright, Autumn Rain, Spring, Fall, Valentines Heart, Butterfly, Sunshine Flower, Blue Butterfly, Rainbow Diamond, Jingle Heart, Jingle Song.

When I suggest “Soda” (a la Seinfeld), DD replied, “Well, that’s kinda crazy food. You’d eat up your name!” Evidently “Soda” is just too crazy for a girl that thinks “Rain Rain Go Away” is a great name.

We decided on a few vetoed names: Dracula, Drac, Blood, Vampire Blood.

At the tail end of the brainstorming session, DS8 came in to suggest a few: Green Vine, Belly Big, Naked Butt. Another window on another kid’s mind. Sweet.

I’m kind of partial to Belly Big. I’m thinking about how this time is probably going to be my last time with a belly quite so big. I’m looking forward to that.

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  • Sam said:

    I love your DD’s suggested name of Pretty Clover. I think I would totally name my baby Clover! I’m also partial to the name Seven from Seinfeld.