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[29 Oct 2009 | 4 Comments | 1,053 views]
Nurdles & Beach Polution in Costa Rica

Take a look at the picture to the left. Really look at it. Can you tell what it is? No, they aren’t pebbles. Try again. Use your imagination. Here’s a hint: I found them this week along the beach at Punta Uva on the Carribbean Coast of Costa Rica. No, they aren’t any kind of shell or sea creature. Not a beach pebble or sand particle either. Give up? They are nurdles.
Nurdles. Such a cute word. Sounds like a pool toy or a board game, perhaps. But they are nothing …

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[24 Jul 2007 | One Comment | 232 views]

The Grapevine Beetle!

I saw this thing clinging to the outside of one of our window screens after a downpour the other day. I had no clue it was so attractive at first since I could only see the underside of it. I sent Arp outside to collect it in a plastic bowl. All of us crowded around it while I snapped a few closeups. It was huge! At least an inch long, maybe even a little bigger. I love those crazy antennas – sort …

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[20 Jul 2007 | Comments Off | 158 views]

We joined a CSA at a local farm recently and have been enjoying our super-fresh, peak of season produce. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s basically a subscription to produce – just like paying a subscription fee and getting a magazine every month, we paid a subscription fee and get fresh produce every week for 6 months.
The farm is a family-owned farm and they were nice enough to invite us for a farm tour the other day. We got a look at where our food comes …

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[26 Dec 2006 | Comments Off | 231 views]

Ever since watching Jesus Camp, I’ve been wondering why someone would teach a child that global warming is not real (aside from the pure politics involved). The National Arbor Day Foundation has released updated hardiness zones for planting in the US and, shock of shocks, it’s actually getting warmer in the US. The New York Times chimed in with an article on it earlier this week, stating in it that
Cameron P. Wake, a research associate professor at the Climate Change Research Center at the University of New Hampshire, …

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[22 Dec 2006 | Comments Off | 184 views]

Early last week we got a subscription renewal request from National Geographic – except our subscription hadn’t even started yet. We knew they’re very thorough in their subscription renewal mailings, but this was a new level of efficiency.
OK – the title over-dramatizes our life without mindless tv watching, but it was coincidental that our current subscription started the day I cancelled the satellite tv. They seemed to have paused a bit after cashing our check (a sweet $10 subscription that came out of nowhere) and sent 3 at once. …