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[28 Aug 2009 | 8 Comments | 1,071 views]
Diapers Without Dryers

Even though we are currently learning the ins & outs of elimination communication with Baby B, we are still using a significant number of cloth diapers every day. We use them to lay under B when we put her down. We usually hold one under her butt just in case we miss a pee, which we do every so often. We use a diaper to wipe up the mess when B pees on the floor. And at the end of the day, when us parents are exhausted and just need …

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[8 Aug 2009 | 24 Comments | 952 views]

Let me just start by saying that babies rock! Really, they do! Before we started this whole Elimination Communication (EC) thing, I really didn’t imagine it would be all that successful.  I mean, I read all the books on EC, with little babies peeing on command.  But when I imagined how I could make that work with my own little baby, I initially had a little trouble imagining it.
But here I am with my 12 week old baby, and today I took her outside on 5-6 separate occasions and cued …