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[19 Jun 2007 | Comments Off | 690 views]

It’s been a few weeks since I went to the opthalmologist, and I’ve finally gotten a moment (or decided to give myself a moment) to take the next step. From the doc I got my prescription, but she was unable to measure my pupillary distance (PD) because she had nothing to measure in millimeters, which sounded terribly careless and half-assed to me. Measuring that isn’t rocket science, and I don’t think she or her optician is any better at making a rough measurement using nothing but their hands, …

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[2 Jun 2007 | 2 Comments | 532 views]

I’m going to buy eyeglasses online. It sounds bizarre, not trying on frames and stuff, but the last pair I got (7-8 years ago) was so expensive (almost $400) that I haven’t gotten a pair since. My back up pair is my bent glasses from … high school. That’s better than Trish though – she has no backup. It’s a bit risky for two people who can’t function without them, but we never considered possible alternatives and assumed that the next pair we got would cost …