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[19 Sep 2008 | Comments Off | 1,725 views]

See here for an article on a Swiss chef serving soups and stews with breast milk in London.
He said: “I first experimented with breast milk when my daughter was born.
Now, can you imagine how annoying it would be if you were a new mother and you had this man/chef as your husband?  Here is how I imagine it might go down:
Mom:  Can you get me some water, dear, while I nurse the baby?
Chef/Father: But of course.  But would you mind pumping from the other breast?  I need more milk for …

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[7 Jul 2008 | 2 Comments | 662 views]

Guanábanas in Colombian Market
Originally uploaded by philipbouchard

Today Tica Macha mentioned making up a song to remember how to pronounce guanabana, a fruit that makes the most refreshing juice ever. I’d like to know how Tica Macha’s song goes because we used a song to help us remember too, except we didn’t come up with it ourselves. Guanabana is pronounced is just like the old Muppet song Mahna Mahna. Frankly, I can’t even think of the fruit anymore without singing the Muppet song. Or going to …

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[4 Jul 2008 | Comments Off | 217 views]

Arp and I have loved mojitos ever since we discovered them, quite a few years back. When we lived in Manhattan, we’d have to scour the local markets to find some decent mint. It was sometimes hard to find, which was irritating when we had the urge for a Mojito.
Since we’ve lived in our current house in the exurbs, I’ve invested some effort in growing our own mint. My favorite variety for mojitos is chocolate mint. The first year, I listened to all the warnings about …

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[12 Jun 2008 | 4 Comments | 523 views]

I did something really stupid last night. I attempted to shuck oysters for the first time. Why did I think I could do it? In fact, I didn’t even look up any directions or helpful hinters on how it is done. I was just operating on the assumption that it couldn’t be that hard. After all, I’ve seen it done hundreds of times when Arp and I are sitting at various oyster bars. I also conveniently forgot about the fact that the shuckers at …

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[5 May 2008 | Comments Off | 252 views]

It is out with the old and in with the new here. Out (hopefully) with the beets that are still sitting in my fridge from winter. I generally hate beets, although we got a ton of them from our CSA this winter. I’m always trying to figure out what to do with them. Arp will eat them, but I can only serve him so many meals of roasted beets in one week, and that doesn’t really get rid of all the beets we have to go …