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[21 Jan 2008 | Comments Off | 687 views]

We’ve got a lot of Costa Rica stuff we haven’t blogged about, and I thought y’all would especially dig the sight of howler monkey poop. All the times we were taking pictures of them in trees I was waiting to see if they would chuck poo-poo at us and show off their famed aim, ready to duck and run.
Thankfully, they didn’t seem to dislike us and were content to be themselves, munch leaves and stare back at us. Except for the one time a female seemed to be …

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[18 Apr 2007 | Comments Off | 222 views]

A few crocuses have appeared on my lawn, but the other signs of Spring seem seriously delayed. Maybe I’m just being impatient. Have other Springs come on so slowly? Or maybe it’s just because one of my bedrooms is filled with stinky 3-week-old ducks that poop day and night.
Modified Homesteading Lessons, 101 (I say modified because I don’t really feel I have the right to call myself a homesteader, but the ducks are our first tiny step): Be sure to order your ducklings at the right time. …

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[15 Mar 2007 | Comments Off | 244 views]

Yesterday was lovely. It was nearly 70 degrees and the first day this year that I’ve gone without a coat or hat. The kids and I spent lots of time outside while I dug around and tried to find some signs of Spring.

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[14 Feb 2007 | 2 Comments | 165 views]

A few weeks ago, when it was still so warm that we hadn’t busted out our winter coats yet, I found this fellow sauntering across our dining table. Sauntering extremely deliberately, possibly due to a missing forelimb. It was pretty cool, and the colors on its wings were gorgeous (something I haven’t quite been able to capture on, er, ‘film’).

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[7 Jan 2007 | Comments Off | 392 views]

I loved The Swiss Family Robinson as a kid. It was one of my favorite stories, along with Robinson Crusoe and the Little House books. I remember going to Disney World long before I read the book and wondering what the treehouse was all about, but I understood once I was old enough for the book. After reading this abridged edition, I realize that the cornucopia of flora and fauna on the island is utterly outlandish, but as a kid it seemed perfectly normal for an exotic …