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[6 Jan 2009 | 2 Comments | 217 views]

I miss our duckies – just before Christmas they went to their new home.  They got lucky – their new family sings to them and they have 6 acres of land to frolic in.  Their new family are starting an organic farm, and Moonbeam & Mulva are their first livestock.
Yes – I only named 2 ducks.  Mr. Keating died sometime in October, and our darling Macaroni was killed by a raccoon in November.  We were crushed.  Owning livestock is a learning experience, and we still feel the ghosts of our …

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[16 Sep 2008 | 5 Comments | 278 views]

We’ve always thought that our ducks are just adorable. Unlike chickens, they have beautiful eyes, expressive faces and are just cute & cuddly. Chickens, on the other hand, have hard, soulless eyes & unexpressive faces. When Quint was talking about ‘black, lifeless eyes’ in Jaws, he might as well have been talking about chickens.
We found proof that ducks are cuter than chickens in our library in the form of a histrionic book on avian flu titled The Monster at Our Door. What’s on the cover? (below left) …

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[30 Mar 2008 | 2 Comments | 1,441 views]

Since this is duckling season, I thought I’d put up a video demonstrating how to herd ducks. Before I got our ducks, that was one of my biggest worries. After all, I live in suburbia. I had visions of quacking, flapping ducks going everywhere except into their pen, including the neighbors’ yards. Luckily, duck herding turned out to be a breeze. M was very nice about demonstrating on video.

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[14 Jan 2008 | 16 Comments | 6,089 views]


Now that we are truly in the midst of a cold New York winter, some things have changed for my little ducky children! No more warm days spent basking in the sun…no more frolicking under the spray of a garden hose…and no more nibbling on fresh dandelion greens from the yard. And I’ve had to change some of my duck care routine, too.

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[13 Sep 2007 | 13 Comments | 773 views]

Before the day the black egg came to us, we’d been getting only 3 eggs per day, all white, from our 4 ducks. This was all as expected. Both our khaki campbells and our runner ducks were supposed to give us white eggs. Other breeds of duck can produce other colors – brown or even blue/green. But not ours. Our heavy producing breeds are supposed to produce white.
As excited as I was about our egg production so far, I have to admit that I was …