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[9 Mar 2008 | 4 Comments | 1,722 views]

I haven’t blogged for quite awhile. I want to say that I’ve been really busy, but that’s not really the whole picture. Yes, I’ve been a bit more busy. Arp is working all the time on the web design business, at least on his days off from the main job, so I’ve been with the kids 24/7. No breaks for blogging.
I’ve also been doing some home improvements. Painting the bedroom, clearing the clutter, etc. All in preparation for getting the house on the market.
But …

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[6 Mar 2008 | 9 Comments | 199 views]

I’ve always wondered about people who blog daily.  I certainly can’t do it – at least not now with my current workload.  Maybe when we’re in Costa Rica, but I really hope I spend less time at the computer when we’re there.
In the past month I built a social network site for unschoolers, which is now in the testing phase.  Sometimes you have to  run with an idea while the inspiration is there, and it had to be done.  I’ve had a couple of NYT articles on my mind, one …

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[21 Jan 2008 | Comments Off | 192 views]

That first realtor interview was not all that.  I interviewed the guy who had sold us the house, not because we liked him but because we realized that he had done a good job of smoothing things over.  I didn’t like him then, and I still don’t like him much now.  If the house doesn’t sell after a year with another realtor, I might consider him as a last resort, but he seems keen on listing as many houses as possible (listing 84% more properties than ‘any other realtor’ in …

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[10 Jan 2008 | 2 Comments | 241 views]

I’m interviewing our first realtor today. Frankly, the whole idea of selling the house is the hardest part about moving. I kinda wish we were renting and we could just pick up and leave whenever. The thought of the cosmetic stuff we have to do to sell – painting, etc. – is daunting.  We thought about interviewing them after the house was ready to sell but I think that 1) I’d like to focus on what’s really necessary to sell and 2) the housing market is freaky.  …