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[3 Jul 2008 | Comments Off | 220 views]

The concept of the gravatar – the ‘globally recognized avatar’ – made sense a few years ago.  With the advent of social blogging communities like MyBlogLogs, gravatars seem to be less in use (certainly less by our readers).  So I’m switching from gravatars to MyAvatars, a WordPress plugin that adds MyBlogLog avatars to comments.

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[7 Apr 2008 | 5 Comments | 2,011 views]

Finding a good host can be tricky – there seem to be a lot of great deals out there, but you never know whether they’ll deliver or not. In the past 16 months, I’ve used 4 different website hosts. I don’t have any qualms about switching hosts if their service is lacking. The price range is roughly the same, about $5-10/month, except for MediaTemple which was $20/mo.
Blogging systems like WordPress use a database to keep track of all the information. Every time someone goes to a …

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[10 Jan 2008 | 3 Comments | 421 views]

I noticed an article on the New York Times today that Network Solutions (aka www.netsol.com) has a policy of registering domain names that people search for.  This was news to me, as I’ve always used them.  Much to my chagrin, it is true – the domain name I searched for the other day – which I’ll withhold due to a reason outlined below – is now reserved by Network Solutions.  What sneaky bastards.  They’re apparently doing this to prevent scamming, but how does make this different from the scammers?
Of course, …

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[6 Jan 2008 | 4 Comments | 219 views]

This past week we got stumbled.  StumbleUpon.com is a website sharing social network, and someone liked my 5 reasons to move to Costa Rica.  There was a DRAMATIC effect on our traffic – we went from some 20-ish visits per day to over 8,000 in 2 days.  The majority of the visits were less than 1 minute, but a few people took the time to read and some did comment.  Our feed subscriptions also increased by more than double, but I was immediately skeptical as to how many new people …