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[15 Mar 2007 | Comments Off | 248 views]

Yesterday was lovely. It was nearly 70 degrees and the first day this year that I’ve gone without a coat or hat. The kids and I spent lots of time outside while I dug around and tried to find some signs of Spring.

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[14 Mar 2007 | Comments Off | 153 views]

I’ve had no time to blog lately. We’ve been incredibly busy, which is nice. Spring seems finally to be just around the corner. Being so busy has helped give me more confidence homeschooling wise. I know – they are learning things even when they don’t seem to be doing anything. But still, seeing us all doing stuff gives me more tangible proof that we are all learning. It helps me feel productive. The boredom of winter was really getting on my nerves. …

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[7 Jan 2007 | Comments Off | 396 views]

I loved The Swiss Family Robinson as a kid. It was one of my favorite stories, along with Robinson Crusoe and the Little House books. I remember going to Disney World long before I read the book and wondering what the treehouse was all about, but I understood once I was old enough for the book. After reading this abridged edition, I realize that the cornucopia of flora and fauna on the island is utterly outlandish, but as a kid it seemed perfectly normal for an exotic …

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[22 Dec 2006 | Comments Off | 185 views]

Early last week we got a subscription renewal request from National Geographic – except our subscription hadn’t even started yet. We knew they’re very thorough in their subscription renewal mailings, but this was a new level of efficiency.
OK – the title over-dramatizes our life without mindless tv watching, but it was coincidental that our current subscription started the day I cancelled the satellite tv. They seemed to have paused a bit after cashing our check (a sweet $10 subscription that came out of nowhere) and sent 3 at once. …

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[16 Dec 2006 | Comments Off | 205 views]

This is what I love about hiking: the utter quiet, except for the sound of leaves under my feet; the methodical rhythm of looking down to avoid tripping, looking up to see the trail, and hearing my own breathing as I labor; putting to use my waterproof hiking boots when we hit a swollen stream on the trail; planning the route; looking up the history and points of interest; seeing M’s happy face when he can run ahead on the trail without fear of cars; the fun of teaching my …