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[27 Dec 2009 | One Comment | 267 views]
Smelly water and updates

I managed to break our new (used) washing machine. I blame myself partially, but also our shitty rental. The problem is, the “mountain water” that we are using is literally filled with sediment and debris. Large debris sometimes. So the little filter on the washer intake got totally clogged. So then I had this seemingly genius idea to just remove the filter. I figured that would keep the water moving. It worked so well that some debris came right in and managed to clog the intake valve. The washer overflowed, …

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[20 Dec 2009 | Comments Off | 205 views]

Just the other day as I sat on the beach with another parent, watching our kids swim, I was asked by the other parent how unschoolers can go to college. Today, I just happened to stumble upon a blog that partially answers that question: Homeschooling and College Scholarships. This is an interesting post about how one family is dealing with getting their kids into college, and has even found ways to qualify for college scholarships. Great info!

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[12 Dec 2009 | 8 Comments | 455 views]
Changes Coming

Arp recently retweeted a quote on Twitter that we both think describes our current situation.  “Being uncomfortable prompts us to change, to move into our next expression. (via @JaqStone)”
We’ve been a  bit uncomfortable, in little or bigger ways, since we arrived in Costa Rica. And while we still love many parts of this country, we think it just might be time to move on.

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[19 Sep 2009 | 2 Comments | 3,828 views]

I was thinking about the drinking and driving issue because it came up recently on an unschooling Yahoo group that I read.  Various unschooling parents were talking about how they dealt with drugs & alcohol with their kids. Many had made sure that they told their kids that they would always be happy to pick their kids up, day or night, if they needed a safe ride home or were too drunk to drive, no judgements. No questions asked. Thing is, I believe them.
When I was a teen, there was …

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[22 Aug 2009 | One Comment | 163 views]

I came upon the link (thank you Twitter tweeps: @PghMidwife & @AJoyfulMom!) to unschooling teen Dagny Kream’s speech from the N.E. Unschooling Conference of May 2008. So inspiring! I’d recommend reading it pronto.  Here’s the link.